eCELLAR via WordPress

A powerful plugin for customizing eCELLAR within WordPress.
Match your website design and visual brand identity, elegantly.

What it does

  • Integrates eCELLAR easily
  • Customizes your styling to reflect your brand
  • Presents layout options for categories and product details
  • Adds a super-powered utility menu to the header
  • Enables supplying custom templates and messages

eCELLAR Integration

This plugin seamlessly integrates eCELLAR’s Single Page Application (SPA) into WordPress websites.

It includes many customizations and improvements that would typically take a developer hours to implement, allowing you to modify the appearance and configuration of your e-commerce elements, anytime. Control your layout, fonts, colors, and more.


Explore the documentation for the following plugin features:


Learn more about the plugin with the answers to frequently asked questions.

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