This plugin supports the WordPress shortcodes, so you can display e-commerce functionality throughout your website on pages and posts, in other page builder tools, and in the full-site editor.

Includes these shortcodes for inserting Commerce7’s v2 widgets:

How to Use

Just paste one of these shortcodes where supported by WordPress, eg a page, post, etc. Replaced the attribute in quotes, for example ‘your-collection-slug’, with your own reference.

Product Collection

[c7_product_collection collection_slug="your-collection-slug"]

Product Buy Button

[c7_product_buy_button product_slug="your-product-slug"]


[c7_personalization block_code="your-block-code"]

Club Join Button

[c7_club_join_button club_slug="your-club-slug"]

Subscribe Form

[c7_subscribe has_name_field="true/false"]

Custom Form

[c7_custom_form form_code="your-form-code"]

Reservation Booking

[c7_reservation reservation_type_slug="your-reservation-type-slug"]

Utility Menu


The Utility Menu shortcode will use the plugin settings in WordPress under Commerce7 > Utility Menu.

Standard Content